Shi.han Fine Knives is an artisanal blacksmithing shop committed to making high-quality, hand-forged Japanese style kitchen cutlery in Santa Fe, NM. By combining rigorous metallurgical processing with traditional Japanese techniques, I endeavor to make knives of the highest quality while exploring the aesthetics of Japanese blades. began studying metalwork at age twelve with internationally recognized artist blacksmith, Tom Joyce. By the time I graduated from high school, blacksmithing had become a calling to which I wished to dedicate my life. After studying ornamental ironwork with Joyce and others, I traveled to Japan as a journeyman. While visiting blacksmiths throughout the


 country I was fortunate to meet one of Japan's master knife-makers, Hiroshi Ashi, who kindly hosted me for the next two years.Thanks to his patronage I studied and practiced with many artisans in the city of Sakai, renown for its cutlery and bladesmithing.

I returned to Santa Fe in 2009 determined to build my own shop based on the techniques and philosophy that I learned from the craftsman of Japan.

The name of my business, Shi.han, derives from re-translating the Japanese form of my name 獅絆 back into English, reflecting my journey from the US to Japan and back again.