Cork Lined Blade Covers

Cork Lined Blade Covers

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Protect your blades with these cork lined plastic covers, made by hand in our shop. Unlike other plastic blade covers, these squeeze firmly onto the blade and will not slide off. Perfect for knife rolls or knives stored in drawers. Also useful for bringing knives in for sharpening.

The blade covers must be kept dry and only applied to the blade when thoroughly clean and dry. This is especially critical with carbon steel blades (or rusting may occur).

Our standard covers are sized to fit the common range of thickness and curvature for most double bevel knives. If you have a knife with significantly different geometry, such as a Deba Bocho, please email me. If you require a length between standard sizes, just order the size above and specify the desired length in the comment box at checkout.

Please note that the smallest size does not have an embossed logo.

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