A2 Series Kitchen Knives

This is the first generation of single layer A2 kitchen knives I am offering. I am really excited about these. Despite having high wear resistance they take an edge very readily and perform well at lower-grit finishes.

52100 Series
Kitchen Knives

Single layer blades forged from 52100 in the Kuro-uchi style. This is the steel I have worked with the most at this point. I have developed a treatment that gives more tooth(切れ味)than most of the 52100 I have handled.

Stainless Clad 52100
 Kitchen Knives

These stainless clad blades combine the excellent cutting-feel and edge-retention properties of 52100 steel with stainless steel on the outside to limit tarnishing and food interactions.

Outdoor Knives

Knives for camping, hunting, fishing or daily carry.