Knife Categories

52100 Monosteel Series
(Single Layer Blade)

Forged from 52100, a bearing steel formulated for high hardness, great wear resistance and a very fine grain structure making it the ideal choice for fine slicing and edge holding.

A2 Monosteel Series
(Single Layer Blade)

Forged and finished with the same Tsuchime texture as the 52100 series. A2 is a tool steel formulated for wear resistance. It performs well at course (~2000) finishes, reacts less with food, but can be a bit harder to sharpen.  

Stainless Clad 52100
(3 Layer Blade)

Stainless clad blades combine the excellent cutting and edge-retention properties of a traditional high carbon steel, with stainless steel on the outside for corrosion and stain resistance.