We are an artisanal blacksmithing shop committed to making high-quality, hand-forged Japanese style kitchen cutlery in Santa Fe, NM.


By combining rigorous metallurgical processing with traditional Japanese techniques, we endeavor to make knives of the highest quality while exploring the aesthetics of Japanese blades.


Available in our Shop

Hand Forged Knives

We forge our blades from a variety of steels, in a range of different styles including monosteel 52100 high carbon, steel clad ni mai and stainless clad san mai. Our handles are made with buffalo horn and magnolia wood. All knives come with a kimono-silk sleeve and cork lined blade cover.


Protect your blades with our cork lined plastic covers, made by hand in our shop. Unlike other plastic blade covers, these squeeze firmly onto the blade and will not slide off. Perfect for knife rolls or knives stored in drawers. Also useful for bringing knives in for sharpening.