Come shop in person

Located in the Siler/Rufina neighborhood of Santa Fe NM, the showroom has the most current inventory of my work as well as a selection of knives and products from Japan.

From sharpening stones and blade oil, to cooking charcoal and vintage gardening tools (and knives not listed online), there is plenty to check out.

Sharpening Service

Edge Honing:

This is most basic sharpening operation where we remove material from the edge of the blade making it sharper. Prices: $8 - $16


This process removes material from the sides of the blade above the edge that is addressed by edge honing. It is more time intensive but is necessary periodically to prevent your kitchen knife from turning into a hatchet. Thinning makes all the difference in performance and will make subsequent edge honing much easier. Price: $30 and up


As a shop that is primarily engaged in making knives from scratch, I have the equipment and expertise to handle any repair that is remotely possible. Price upon assessment.


I don’t have official showroom hours yet but I am there just about all day everyday. Feel free to stop by or better yet, make an appointment.